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Homework answers / question archive / Assessment 2 (a): Essay Stage 1 This activity will take place during the week 5 tutorial

Assessment 2 (a): Essay Stage 1 This activity will take place during the week 5 tutorial


Assessment 2 (a): Essay Stage 1

This activity will take place during the week 5 tutorial.   You will be working in groups during the tutorial

For Assessment 2 (a): Essay Stage 1 You will be required to develop a:

                        ·             Concept map (including definition of key terms) 

                        ·             Essay plan and 

                        ·              Reference list for the topic in assessment 2 (b)

You may choose to do your concept map and essay plan as word document, PowerPoint presentation etc. You will need to bring your device to tutorial to access your work if you have chosen this. If you prepare your work in handwritten format please bring this with you. The reference list must include a minimum of:

                        ·              Two journal articles with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

                        ·           One book 

                        ·             One government document with a URL

                        ·            One chapter from an edited book

 These references must relate to the topic in assessment 2 (b)

In your group you will present your ideas to the other group members and discuss your reasons for the choices made.

The tutorial will also review the marking guide to be used for stage 2 {assessment 2(b)} and which is attached to the unit outline. A peer review guide will be used during tutorial for this activity. The peer review guide will be made available in week three.

Please ensure that you:

                        ·            Bring your work to tutorial

                        ·              Use APA (6ed.) for formatting and citing your reference list entries

                        ·             Keep a copy of your assessment


Due date:                                                             Tutorial week 5

Weighting:                                                        Nil

Length and/or format:                                   400 words

Purpose:                                                                 To scaffold students learning related to unit content and academic


Learning outcomes assessed:                     2,5 & 8

How to submit:                                                  You will bring written work to tutorial week 5

Return of assessment:                                    N/A. Feedback is given during the tutorial.

Assessment criteria:                                     The marking criteria for this assessment is the same as for stage 2 {assessment 2(b)} and is attached to the unit outline.


Assessment 2 (b): Individual Essay Stage 2

Topic:  Individual essay based on a short vignette For this assessment you are required to:

Write a formal academic essay –You are required to write an introduction, body, conclusion and reference list. All in-text citations must have a corresponding entry in the reference list. You are required to use APA (6th ed.) for formatting your essay, citing evidence in your essay and constructing your reference


Mary is a 25 year woman who is married with twin boys aged eight months. Mary’s partner Sam is in the Air Force and is currently deployed in the Middle East. Mary has limited contact with Sam who has been on deployment for over 12 months and was not present at the birth of their children. Mary lives in housing provided through the defence force for the families of service men.  She has no family living nearby, but communicates with her parents and 2 siblings on a regular basis using Skype.  However, she has not physically seen her family since the twins have been born. 

After discovering a lump in her left breast whilst she was showering, Mary is very anxious about what this might mean. Mary’s GP refers her for a series of tests. The results indicate that Mary has early-stage breast cancer.


Discuss the emotional, cognitive, and behavioural responses that Mary is likely to experience in relation to this diagnosis. Your discussion must include a reference to the risk and protective factors that are relevant to Mary’s situation

You should submit your draft to Turnitin well in advance of the due date (ideally, several days before) to ensure that you get your Turnitin originality report and have time to work on any issues identified by Turnitin. 

Due date:                                                                  week 8, Wednesday 26th April 2017 – by 12 midnight

Weighting:                                                         40%

Length and/or format:                                   1100 words 

Purpose:                                                                 Students can demonstrate their knowledge of various aspects of unit

content and academic writing.

Learning outcomes assessed:                     2, 5 & 8

Late Submissions  Applications for extensions are to be made on the application form (see the ‘forms’ section of the student area of the university website) before the due date/time and must be supported with evidence such as a medical certificate. Late penalties apply for essays submitted after the due date/time without an approved extension.

Please note that applications for Special Consideration need to be made within 5 days of the due date of the assessment.

Information can be found at the following link: assessment_procedures/3._processes

Assessment criteria:                                     The essay feedback sheet (assessment rubric) for the essay is attached to this unit outline.


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