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Homework answers / question archive / I will pay for the following article When Does Life Begin

I will pay for the following article When Does Life Begin


I will pay for the following article When Does Life Begin. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations, and a reference page. On November 26 Ms. Munoz was found unconscious on the kitchen floor. The doctors diagnosed a blood clot in one of her lungs and recognized her as brain dead. However, at the time she was 14 weeks pregnant. In the hospital, the spouse, as well as the family, said that they want Ms. Munoz to be disconnected from her life support, but the hospital authorities refused to do so. The latter argued that there was a specific law in Texas which prohibited the hospitals from ending life support for pregnant patients. As one can easily see, the moral problem here can be formulated in the following way: should disconnect the body of a woman who was recognized as brain dead, but who is pregnant be seen as euthanasia? Of course, different ethical theories would have a different opinion about it: Utilitarianism would consider the happiness that is promoted by this action, while Kantian Ethics would strongly oppose such action. Speaking of the role of the patient, it is obvious that Ms. Munoz was not able to say anything about the decision that she would like to make. However, it is quite possible to review the statement that she made about such a case and construct her possible opinion. In any case, she remained passive in this situation. The role of the health care professional is more difficult: on the one hand, the doctors are obliged to do anything that would help their patients. however, on the other hand, they are not allowed to break the law. Indeed, the hospital thought that by disconnecting Ms. Munoz from live support it committed a crime. that is why it is obviously understandable that the facility was reluctant to follow the requests of the family since the responsibility for violating the applicable law may be quite severe. The family, in this case, might be regarded as the representative of the view of Ms. Munoz. In spite of the fact that she was married, it is her father and mother that she spent the majority of her& with and it is reasonable to believe that they are able to know what their daughter would truly want. In other words, since the opinion of the patient can not be articulated, the family should be treated as if the patient herself is articulating the concerns.

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