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1. a) Write the molecular formulas and full structure for both CIS and TRANS isomers 2-chloro 2-pentene below:




b) Draw the product of a HYDRATION reaction with 2-chloro 2-pentene below and name the resulting molecule:



2. Which of the following hydrocarbons has the longest parent chain?

a) Cyclohexane c) 2-heptene b) Propyne d) pentane 


4. Which of the following is NOT considered an organic molecule?

a) hydrogen carbonate c) 2-chloro pentane b) hydrochloric acid d) formaldehyde


5. Which of the following alcohols is aromatic?

a) cyclohexanol c) 1-propanol b) benzenol d) methanol


6. Which of the following alcohols is secondary?

a) cyclohexanol c) 1-propanol b) Phenol d) methanol



7. 2-methyl 1,4-decene contains how many degrees of unsaturation?

a) 1 c) 2 b) 3 d) 4



8. Which of the following alkenes CANNOT undergo hydrogenation?

a) cyclohexene c) 1-propene b) benzene d) 2-propenal

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