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6.5 Researched Argument Graded Draft


The researched argument is an 8-10 page (2000-2500 words) argument examining an issue you have identified earlier in the course. Unit 3 and earlier weeks of Unit 4 have taken you through many of the preparatory steps for writing this paper. So far you have identified an issue which interests you, completed a working bibliography, developed your position and a claim about your chosen issue, and outlined your argument. Review your previous work and the feedback received from classmates and professor. Please be sure to revise and edit your draft before turning in the final paper.

In this assignment you must demonstrate that you have implemented a research plan; used a rhetorically effective method of organization; formulated, developed and supported a claim using sound evidence, reasoning and appropriate appeals; and incorporated alternate positions into a sustained argument.


In this paper, you will write your argument in response to your chosen topic. Your paper should be based on your ideas; it should not be a summary of what other people say. This is not an informational paper. This paper should develop your argument on your topic. Your paper should clearly identify your issue. It should have a clear claim and well developed reasons. It should use at least 4 appropriately cited quotes, at least 4 appropriately cited paraphrases (you may use more as needed), and a Works Cited page in MLA format.

Please note: Your paper must be more than strung together quotes and paraphrases. It should stand on its own without the quotes and paraphrases. At this point you should be working on a draft of your paper.

Tip: We often suggest that students first write a draft of the paper without supporting sources to ensure that the paper is well developed and relies primarily on your writing and conclusions. Once you have written a draft, you can go back and add in outside sources to support each of your points. Please make sure this first draft is submitted with all of your evidence and the corresponding in-text citations.

Each paragraph should be well developed with controlling ideas and transitions. The logic supporting your argument should be well thought out and sound. There should be a clear flow of ideas throughout your paper. 

This paper should focus on your ideas and conclusions based on your research. It should be developed on your thoughts, your plan and your words. Please remember to include in-text citations to indicate any material that is borrowed. Plagiarism will result in failure of the assignment.

Please review the MLA formatting videos offered earlier int he course and textbook pages on MLA formatting.

Other requirements:

  • Length: 8 (full!) -10 pages plus a Works Cited page and all of the necessary in-text citations
  • Use of at least 10 sources
  • Font: 12 point, Times New Roman, Arial or another standard font, Double-spaced
  • Format: Paper should meet all academic expectations for grammar, sentence structure, and style.
  • You must use page numbers.
  • You should develop a clear, useful title.

Due: Sunday, Week 6

Where do I post my work? 

The Word file should be named: "LASTNAME_RA_Draft" and then be attached as a Word file. For example: SMITH_RA_Draft.

Attach your correctly named file below by going to the "Attach Files" section of the page. If needed, review how to submit assignments HERE.

You will submit your work via SafeAssign tool. You may view your Originality Report and resubmit the paper up to 2 times (total 3 submissions allowed).

Please, check the box "I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database."


* Do not cut and paste the text of your essay into the text box for this assignment.

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