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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Act Like You Care Group

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Act Like You Care Group


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Act Like You Care Group. Act Like You Care Group had clear-cut programs that included setting up children’s homes that acted as concentration camps for children who were underprivileged either because they were orphans or came from deplorable backgrounds that could not support their education and many other needs they had. They established education centers within those concentration camps where the orphaned and vulnerable children would attend, and also put up small dispensaries where they could attend whenever they fell ill. It has the support of the government and many other donor agencies, and this is why they have survived the ever-rising cases of vulnerabilities within the Americas and other parts of the world, in the face of the wars and sufferings that go with it.

Philanthropic musicians and other artists have often supported the activities of the group through funds, charity performance, and more. The group has an estimated eight million dependants worldwide and requires a budget of not less than $60B annually. Being the nonprofit that it is, this budget must be supported by many sources, and sure enough, it has had faithful partners who have constantly aided its fund needs.

There are training programs for people who wish to be recruited. It takes a couple of weeks and the rest of it is learned while one serves under the guidance of the old members whom you are assigned to. The initial training is rigorous and intense but nicely programmed to be covered within the specified timeframe. It runs from the third week of April to the ending week of May and then one is ready to take up light assignments under the guidance of experienced members. Service with diligence is paramount and it’s all one needs to fit in the group.

For the duration that I served with the group, I did not note any major inefficiency that called for improvements, maybe apart from the bureaucracy&nbsp.that resulted from having to serve within the entire United States and beyond.

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