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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on Exploring Culture through Ritual and Routine

Write an article on Exploring Culture through Ritual and Routine


Write an article on Exploring Culture through Ritual and Routine. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Teachers in a community perform rituals that enable children brought to school to get used to the routine despite the availability of their parents. Rituals in teaching involve soothing the separation between young children brought to school with their parents. Teachers also need to teach these children on potty time to reduce accidents that occur in washrooms and bacteria contraction through the routine (Baubeau and Patrice, 254). In the separation of parents from their children, teachers have to encourage parents to stay a while each day before the parents leave for home. Children also need to be made comfortable with telling their parents to see them later after they leave school.

Potty-time rituals performed by teachers are done in several ways including sending children in the bathrooms in small groups and those that are not able to go in alone are done with pairing them with their friends (Baubeau and Patrice, 201). Children through this ritual are ensured to have washed their hands thoroughly with soap and supervised and the disposal of towels that they are given is well disposed of.

Rituals that are performed by teachers ensure that each day children benefit from the rituals and their lives remain interesting with enjoyments, learning of new things. Different activities each day that children are exposed to make things interesting in them. Greeting routines performed by teachers when they get into classrooms bring about warmness in children in a classroom (Marsh and Ian, 24). In the morning, separation of children from their parents, teachers need to greet warmly parents as they greet children makes the children feel that they are cared for and the teacher acts as his parent for a time in school. In greetings by teachers, there is the inclusion of an explanation of them valuing and including everybody and considering it good manners of greeting each person with names making them feel comfortable.

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