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Looking for someone who will do 3-pages for $15


Looking for someone who will do 3-pages for $15. If you don't have a bid, I won't reply. Write a 3-page paper including the following: 1. Describe Google Company's strategy towards organizational development change. 2. Identify Google's current mission, vision, and culture and if a change in these is needed and if they are needed then give recommendations. Address these questions: What is the current mission, vision, and culture? Based on the changes that you are recommending this organization undertake, do you believe that they need to change their mission, vision, or culture as well? 3. Must apply Strategic Analysis and Planning on the following: Vision, Mission, Culture Governance, Leadership & Decision Making Leadership Assessment (shared & democratic) Committee/Work Group Assessment (In place and effective) 4. Discuss leadership within the organization and if it is effective. Why or why not? Does the organization have teams and are they effective? 5. Create an Organizational Chart of Google Company with your recommended changes. An organizational chart is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs. 7. Include at least 2 in-text citations and use 2 credible references formatted according to APA standards.

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