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Homework answers / question archive / Write 7 pages thesis on the topic media and politics

Write 7 pages thesis on the topic media and politics


Write 7 pages thesis on the topic media and politics. On the other hand, negative or bad coverage is highly likely to ruin the image of the company further leading to damaging the positive publicity of persons involved in the coverage (Media studies: 2,2009). As such, it is worth noting that media coverage is dependent on two important aspects namely. the type of mass media that has been used to cover a particular event, and the style of coverage that been used. In this regard, media coverage is an aspect that has gradually grown over the years as it continuously brings together the entire world through various aspects of life (Comstock & Scharrer, 2007).

Actually, there has been a huge conflict between Gaza and Israel. According to Chomsky & Pappe? (2013), the war between these two regions emanated from the elections that led to the ascending to the power of the Islamic political party, Hamas in 2005. Moreover, the conflict was fueled by the separation of the Authority in Palestine to the Fatah government and the Government of Hamas in Gaza. Moreover, there were rocket attacks from Palestine that were targeted on Israel and Israel responded by blocking the Gaza strip.

According to Witkin (2011), a disengagement plan established in 2005 was aimed at ensuring that Israel retained widespread control over the Gaza strip with the inclusion of its waters, as well as, its external borders. Additionally, Israel has been known to continuously monitor and control the supply basic necessities such as electricity, communication, infrastructure among other necessities. In their book, Izard & Perkins (2010), articulate that Human rights and Amnesty International have in the recent past confirmed that Israel will remain an ‘occupying power’ in the international law especially in regard to the Gaza issue. Nevertheless, other actors such as the Fatah government in the West Bank have refused to recognize the presence of the Hamas government in this conflict.

Importantly, the Gaza - Israel conflict has continuously received media coverage since the conflict began in the late 90s. The event which gathered interest from the local media, and the foreign media, did not allow foreign media into the area where there was conflict, to an extent of been accused of various s crimes that they had not committed as a way of attempting to muzzle and/or intimidate them.

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