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Homework answers / question archive / Kindly help me to make lengthy idea about this matter with strong explanation

Kindly help me to make lengthy idea about this matter with strong explanation

Computer Science

Kindly help me to make lengthy idea about this matter with strong explanation.Offline Consumer Engagement and Trade Engagement ideas


We are looking for analog (offline) consumer and trade engagement ideas to promote our tobacco products to legal age smokers and retailers.


Currently around the world we have tobacco products full flavor, menthol flavor and some others with a flavor capsule inside which when its crushed by the legal age smokers it changes the flavor of it.


Even though these tobacco products with capsules have been in the market for some years now, we still find that in some markets we need to explain the way these products work and how can these provide the best possible experience to legal age smokers. In recent years we started launching some special editions which include 3-5 different flavor capsules in one pack.


Legal restrictions have gotten more and more tough for tobacco companies to communicate and engage with legal age smokers, but we still have the chance to do it in some markets inside points of sale, legal age meeting points, or through the retailers who sell our products. The time we have for engaging with this audience is between 1-3min max where we need to explain the features of the product, build the excitement and make them want to try/buy the new product.


We are wanting innovative ideas to engage with consumers and retailers in an analog way (offline). Ideas need to have a low cost to implement, provide a clear explanation of the product and add an element of fun/surprise. Please consider that the activation of this ideas usually happens inside small spaces like your regular corner shop and while sitting in a restaurant or bar.


Please include --

·        the overall idea explanation,

·        materials required,

·        instructions and messaging (please explain if it's a speech, written on the materials).

·        Innovation and originality

·        Potential roll out costs

·        Clarity on messaging and

·        WOW factor for audience


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