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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages with APA style on Importance of Studying Iceland Volcanoes

Write 5 pages with APA style on Importance of Studying Iceland Volcanoes


Write 5 pages with APA style on Importance of Studying Iceland Volcanoes. The temperature, area, and volume of these melted water lakes will give us important information about the activities of the Iceland volcanoes. Perhaps no other regions in the world have volcanoes under ice blocks and hence the studies of Iceland volcanoes are very much important for the geologists. This paper briefly analyses the importance of Iceland volcanoes.

In Iceland about 30 volcanic systems with hundreds of volcanoes are known active at the present. The most commonly found types in Iceland are composite volcanoes (stratovolcanoes) which are usually part of a chain and spread in vast areas. The age of Iceland’s rocks and lava flows depend on their position on the island. Because of the sea-floor spreading, in the Northwest and in the East of Iceland rocks are older than along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge which is situated in the middle (Geology of Iceland)

The country, Iceland is famous for volcanoes. In fact, in every year lot of casualties occur in Iceland because of volcano eruption. Gr?msvotn is Iceland’s most active volcano at present. One of the peculiar natures of Iceland volcanoes is the difficulty in monitoring whether a volcano is active or not because of the problems in accessing rapid melting of ice and snow during eruption. “Temperate glaciers, such as those in Iceland, are at their pressure melting temperature throughout their thickness and water can migrate beneath the glacier, allowing melt water to flow from a geothermal heat source to the edges of the glacier” (Stewart et al, p.6501). (See Appendix 3 for more details about the volcanic zones in Iceland). Traditional methodologies of volcano studies are difficult to use in Iceland volcanoes because of the above problems. In other words, new methodologies need to be developed in order to learn more about the characteristics of volcanoes in Iceland.&nbsp.

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