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Homework answers / question archive / There are the main reasons for clustering computers

There are the main reasons for clustering computers


There are the main reasons for clustering computers. however, each reason has its challenges and a better share of benefits. The main advantages of clustering include increasing the computing power of computers by combining the individual power of each computer. Notably, a computer has the power to process data independently (Englander, 2003). Thus, increasing computers will automatically increase the nodes due to the increase in the number of computers thereby making the processing power of the cluster to be intense or higher than the processing power of single or individual computers or nodes within the cluster. Brewer among other contributors stated that clustering is inherent, absolutely, and incrementally scalable. therefore, installation adds nodes incrementally and this is pegged on the computer power needed for the intended cluster (Englander, 2003). The incrementally constituted clusters are often powerful and usually operate at low costs compared to even situations where single large machines are used. Fundamentally, clustering is a significant practice in computer technology since it is a sure way of increasing or designing highly performing computer systems. The processing problem including parallel processing units can be solved by breaking the problem into subtasks and then distributing them to different or parallel processing units among the nodes thereby solving the problem in parallel (Englander, 2003).

Clustering also intends to create fault-tolerant systems because each computer with the cluster is able to operate alone without assistance from other computers within the cluster (Englander, 2003). Therefore, a node failure will not lead to a standstill operational since the entire cluster will not be closed. The software controlling the entire cluster is capable of switching processes to other nodes within the cluster in a process referred to as failover.

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