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Part 1


Part 1. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Discuss the relationship between power and leadership.

What power must a leader have in order to lead effectively?

How can a leader acquire that power?

What mechanisms can be put in place to prevent the leader from abusing his or her power?

Share a real or imagined example of a leader in a specific situation (such as the leader of a project team, the head of the marketing department, the CEO of a company, etc.) to explain and support your answers.

Part 2. Reply to the following peer post in a minimum of 100 words:

“A person with power has the capabilities to control people or things, as with a leader they can inspire others to follow instruction voluntarily. I am a firm believer that with much power comes much responsibility.

Power people are not automatically leaders and usually not great leaders. A person can be a natural born leader and have natural control over others especially if they are leading in a positive manner.

Leaders should exert power to achieve goals, when you are a leader you must be able to influence others to achieve goals and want to enhance their performance. I was told my assistant that my energy was infectious, because I come into the office super energized and she sees me get straight to work, it makes her energized and want to match my energy. I believe that this is what is needed in a leader.

Things that can be put in place in a working environment for a leader not to abuse their power is to create a "code of conduct" to follow. There can be interventions done if management sees someone starting to abuse their power. Leadership training is a big help to help someone learn to be a leader and how to not abuse their power.” – Monica M.

Part 3. Reply to the following discussion in a minimum of 100 words:

“Good evening Professor and Class. This week we focus on effective leadership and power. A leader is sometimes given the power to lead when he or she is chosen by a social group or team, this is called the power of position. The leader will have the opportunity to impact and develop team or organization which he or she is given because he is given the ability to be at the helm. The power of expertise is also an ability to use adequate knowledge needed for the team or organization to be effective. The power or information and relationship are in my perspective significant powers to be utilized by a leader. A leader should be able to communicate and develop a good rapport with the employees or followers. A leader can acquire these power through training, natural abilities or experience. There are a few elements that can guide a leader to ensure there is not an abuse of power. Firstly, there are company policies that can governor leaders and employers conduct. Leaders and supervisors are encouraged to do leadership training and workshops to help them stay focus n the task as a leader. I believe a leader should serve in a manner that will develop trust among his followers. Power is can be very dangerous if it is not contained by the leader, hence having a support system in place will provide some reins on the leader and exploitation of his or her power as a leader.” – Nyron B.

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