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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 5 pages paper on manufacturing processes and metal surface metrology

Write a 5 pages paper on manufacturing processes and metal surface metrology


Write a 5 pages paper on manufacturing processes and metal surface metrology. From a single piece with the cast, intricate parts can be made. Components of enormous machinery and great parts weighing several hundred tons, metal casting can also use to produce tiny parts like jewelry. Control of material properties can be obtained through careful parameter and technique (Muralikrishnan, Venkatachalam, Raja & Douglass, 2005). The presence of more flaws and the lower strength and ductility, when compared to the final product, is the general disadvantage of metal casting.

Forming: The use of force for induction of shape is an inclusion of a large group of the process, mechanical working and plastic deformation resulted from the category of manufacturing from metal forming. The measure to be used in the metal forming process is measured in terms of high ductility and malleability and lower yield of strength in the material. Greater flexibility and lower yield strength result from increased temperature when working with metals. Elevated temperatures are usually used on metals in manufacturing industries. The metal forming process will change the mechanical properties of the material’s parts, this happens besides addition to shape. Establishment of new, stronger grain vacancies from close up boundaries of metal forming within the metal breakups, led to the distribution of impurities (Muralikrishnan, Venkatachalam, Raja & Douglass, 2005). Production of the superior mechanical properties of the metal forming process impacted from the above reason. These three types of temperature in relation to establishing. These forms are cold working (room temperature), warm working, and hot working. In the other perspective, there are two main categories in relation to the surface area to the volume of a material.

Powder processing: Production of powder from certain materials is a technique used in the manufacturing process. Into different shapes, (called pressing) the powder is pressed and heated sufficiently causing the bonding of the particles together into solid components (called sintering). However, the subjectivity of ceramics to the powder processing technique, powder processing is standard for metal materials. Powder processing has many advantages.

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