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Here are the questions you should address? 1


Here are the questions you should address?

1. What was your perception of management and leadership before this class? Has anything change?

2. If there are any changes in your perception about management and leadership? What are they? 

3. What is leadership to you?

4. In this chapter, Peter Northouse wrote that leadership can be a trait and/or a process? What is your opinion on that?

5. Do you think leadership should be assigned or emergent?

6. Peter Northouse listed six bases of power. How would you use each of these power as a leader?

7. As a follower, how would you use the six bases of power?

8. What is you opinion on coercion and leadership?

9. Can a person be both a leader and a manager?

Please do not just answer the questions.  You are expected to add your reflection, thoughts, and opinions on the subject. 

• Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text.

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