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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses managing work situation

Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses managing work situation


Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses managing work situation. It is important that management effectively manage the workplace and ensure that employees do not fear or resist both challenges and changes. Effective workplace management would strategically empower management and employees with the necessary skills that effectively manage life changes. Regardless of what changes they might face, managers and employees are drawn towards strategically preparing themselves towards the change process. Some of the work situations often encountered are: being criticized by others for one’s work, lack of job security, lack of recognition or appreciation for a good work, destructive conflicts between and among departments, poor supervision, small opportunities for growth and advancement, a too-high or a too-low stress level, departments that are constantly reorganized, a high fear of change, poor job fits, and poor working conditions (Topchick 2001). Given the mentioned situations, an employee is certainly not expected to be satisfied with his job and may probably contemplate leaving his current post and find one that he perceives complying with his expectations of a good job. The firm will certainly fall into an unsecured environment in which goals and tasks are often unmet. This scenario only proves that giving specific attention to people's resources is an important pursuit and a step towards this undertaking is how to make them feel empowered, secure, challenged, and nurtured through effective conflict management of a workplace situation. Congruent to the work situation is giving due attention to the effects of growth needs, management style, and job structure on job-related satisfactions, which the management must pay due to relevance. As important facets of human resources, the work setting should also give appropriate focus and credit to these aspects. Studies show that there are interactive effects of individual growth needs, job richness, and management style on job-related satisfaction experienced by employees on the job site.&nbsp.

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