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some assistance with these assignment


some assistance with these assignment. winkelreid at sempach by konrad grob Thank you in advance for the help! There are numerous people which represent two opposing armies pictured on the canvas. The warriors from the opposite sides are portrayed in a different way. The army on the left is well-armored, and the soldiers on the right look like mountain dwellers and peasants. Different kinds of weapon constitute the large part of the picture. We see numerous spears sticking in different direction, axes, and clubs. There are also flags which are waving above the Austrian soldiers. On the background of the battle there are beautiful mountains, which peaks are covered with clouds.

Grob wanted to picture the process of fight and its probable culmination. So the people on the picture are divided into two sides are moving towards each other with the weapon in their hands in order to hit the enemy. Some soldiers are already dead and are lying on the ground. The other are running forcefully stepping on the dead bodies. The men on the picture are waving their spears and axes ready to strike.The characters on the left representing the Austrian army seem to be standing still holding their spears towards the opposite army and waiting for their attack. The soldiers of the Swiss army are all pictured in a motion. They are running with the bodies leaning in the direction of the enemies. Some men seem to be jumping in order to hit. They are pointing their weapons fiercely onto the standing soldiers. Those who are already killed are falling to the ground. In the center of the picture there is a man on his knees grasping the spears which are piercing him.

The majestic mountains on the background add to the solemn and tragic atmosphere of the fight. They are almost hanging over the people, and though they are far away from the battle it is possible to comprehend how gigantic they are. Though the picture is mostly bright and painted in light colors, the left of the picture is shaded.

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