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Homework answers / question archive / Addresses participation in the corruption of foreign governments by U

Addresses participation in the corruption of foreign governments by U


  1. Addresses participation in the corruption of foreign governments by U.S. corporations. This law makes it illegal to bribe or attempt to bribe a foreign government official in order to obtain or maintain business over which that foreign official has authority or influence.
  2. This type of market features the importing and trading of goods by firms for which the importer has not been appointed by the manufacturer as official distributors of the product generally below manufacturer's existing national price schedule.
  3. A firm primarily in wholesaling activity.
  4. A contract clause that prohibits a firm or individual from being involved with a similar business for a period of time in return for considerations.
  5. Any custom, or unboxed, or other product that can not be handled by the standard infrastructure for that industry.
  6. One of the types of resellers that may be at the next lower level from a distributor in a channel of distribution.
  7. A comprehensive list or 'schedule' of merchandise with applicable duty rates to be paid or charged for each listed article together with the governing rules and regulations of their application.
  8. This is a method of setting intra-company pricing that reflects arms-length, most favored customer, and tax implications that are consistent with governmental guidelines.
  9. The return on net worth [RONW] financial management tool basically looks at the relationship of net profit to net worth.
  10. The strategic profit model [SPM] is a financial tool that examines the relationships of net profit to total assets and net profit to net worth.


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