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submit a term paper on Community vs


submit a term paper on Community vs. Cheers. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. It featured a cast of mostly blue-collar characters who spent all their time hanging out together in a bar called Cheers. A more recent addition to the Thursday lineup is Community. It also features an ensemble cast of friends: A group of students at Greendale Community College. On the surface, these shows seem very similar. However, the styles of the two shows are actually quite different. Cheers was a traditional sitcom that followed the old rules for TV comedies, while Community is perhaps one of the most ground-breaking shows ever to air. The two shows do have some striking similarities. The apparent lead characters seem very similar at first glance. Cheers has Sam Malone, the former baseball player who owns Cheers. Sam is a little sleazy and an unrepentant womanizer, but he is a good man at heart. Community has Jeff Winger, the even sleazier former lawyer who has to attend a community college after he is exposed as having a fake degree. Like Sam, Jeff becomes the leader everyone depends on. Cheers has Diane Chambers, the prissy, self-righteous blonde whom Sam hires on the first episode as a waitress because he wants to sleep with her. Community has Britta, another self-righteous blonde who is nearly as prissy as Diane. Like Cheers, Community begins with the “alpha male” character trying to sleep with the blonde. Each of the two shows has a naïve, “dumb” character: Community’s Troy corresponds to Cheers’s Coach and his replacement, Woody.

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