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Homework answers / question archive / Executive Summary/Introduction – 1-3-page description of your business model

Executive Summary/Introduction – 1-3-page description of your business model


Executive Summary/Introduction – 1-3-page description of your business model. Include the company’s management plan. (see objectives 1.01,1.04, and 1.05)

Problem – Description of the top problems the product/service is addressing (see ME11 objective 2.01 for review of design thinking) 1-2 pages

Customer Segments – description of target customers, market segments and target market, SWOT analysis, market analysis, promotional plan, and a marketing plan. (see objectives 3.06, 4.01, 4.03, 4.04, 4.06) 1-2 pages

Unique Value/Selling Proposition – description of the single, clear, compelling message that states the unique value/selling proposition and it will be promoted to customers. (see objective 3.02, 3.03, 3.04) 1 paragraph

Solutions – Description of the top features of the product/service that solve the problem and the product mix. (see ME11 2.05, 1.05, 3.01, and 3.02) 1 page

Channels – Description of the pathways to customers (channels of distribution) (see objective 3.05) 1-2 pages

Revenue Streams – Description of the revenue model and lifetime values. Price of product/service. (see objective 3.07) 1-2 pages

Cost Structure – Explanation of product costs, marketing costs, distribution costs, human resource costs, and any additional costs. (see objectives 2.01, 2.02, 2.03) 1-2 pages

Detailed Financials – Projected cash flow, income statements, and balance sheet. (see objectives 5.01-5.03) (3 pages minimum)

Key Metrics – Explanation of key activities that must be measured including risks. (see ME11 5.04, 1.06) 1 page

Competitive Advantage – Explanation of why the product/service cannot be easily copied or bought including competitive analysis. (see objective 3.04, 4.02) 1-2 pages

Conclusion – Specific request for financing and summary of key points supporting the financial report. 1-3 pages

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