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  To decrease, reduce or stop an activity



  1. To decrease, reduce or stop an activity. An abatement action would require removal of a nuisance (a smell or loud sound); or rent can be abated when a housing unit is uninhabitable.
  2. A general lien placed on a debtor's real and personal property until a judgment is paid in full to the plaintiff in the lawsuit.
  3. The process of increasing land through deposits of mud or sand (alluvion) by the action of water .
  4. Property tax based on the assessed value of the property. (from Latin "according to value")
  5. A process in a court of law and the resultant determination by the court of a water right approving party's use of well water from aquifer and tributary waters.
  6. The right to use property belonging to another for a specific reason.
  7. Attaches to (transfers with title) and benefits the adjacent land. Contrasts with an easement in gross which benefits an individual. Example: Land A receives a "right of way" to cross Land B in order to have access to a public road.
  8. The value attached to a property a county assessor on which to base relative property tax computation.
  9. A court holding of the defendant's property during a lawsuit to protect the plaintiff from the defendant selling the before the case is complete. The plaintiff should be bonded in case he or she loses in court.
  10. The loss of land when it is washed away by a sudden act of nature. Contrasted to erosion, the loss of land over a long period of time

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