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Homework answers / question archive / Deliverable 7: Methland Pgs

Deliverable 7: Methland Pgs


Deliverable 7: Methland

Pgs. 215-269

Evaluation Criteria

Deliverables are evaluated on thoughtfulness, creativity, and brave thinking. They are each worth three participation points. One point = done, below average. Two points = done, average. Three points = done, thoughtful, creative and/or brave thinking.


Deliverables must be handed in on the date they are assigned. They cannot be turned in retroactively or via email for credit. Feel free to print this sheet and handwrite or type your thoughts. You may also write your response on a piece of notebook paper. Please make sure your instructor knows who completed this assignment—put your name on it!


In two or more complete sentences, answer questions one through three. Provide a discussion question for number four.




  1. Nick Reding uses a recurring image at the beginning of his book and toward the end. What is the imagery? Why do you think he returns to this image?  






  1. In the first full paragraph on page 245, Reding describes his experience starting this project. As someone writing a documented essay, can you relate to his sentiment? Why or why not?






  1. The documented essay rubric has these evaluation criteria listed for the conclusion of the documented essay: “conclusion leaves the reader with: a lasting impression, something more to ponder, a question, and/or a statement that thoughtfully projects into the future; conclusion reiterates main ideas.” Considering the original ending of Methland is on page 246, do you think Reding employs any of these strategies? How do you think Reding would score out of five points? Is the conclusion effective?   






  1. List one last Methland discussion question you’d like your peers to ponder.


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