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You will answer both questions


You will answer both questions.

Each question is worth 200 points for a total of 400. There are no requirements for how much or how little you write in order to answer each question. I’m looking for the right answers—logical and coherent paragraphs and nothing more. The length is totally up to you and whatever you think it takes to answer each question and get full credit.

A few tips:

  1. I am not interested in long quotes or citations.
  2. You can only use the assigned readings, handouts and documentaries that we have used throughout the semester.
  3. In terms of structure, you will get more points if your answers are well organized with good introductions and conclusions.
  4. For the final exam, please do use inline citations, but you do not need a “Works Cited” page.
  5. Write a good intro and conclusion for each question!
  6. Finally, I would encourage you to develop good outlines of your answers before you start writing. A good outline will ensure that you don’t forget important information and it will help you organize your thoughts into logical, coherent answers.

Question 1 (see Weeks 9 and 11)

Explain the culture of work that the Busboys created and sustained within their work group at the restaurant in Chicago (why they embraced it and what they hoped to accomplish in promoting it) and the extent to which it helped and hindered their interests on the job.

Your answer should address the following: To what degree do the busboys control their jobs? Why do they take on this responsibility? What’s in it for them? Also, using the busboys example, how do immigrant workers evaluate the quality of their jobs? What are they looking for in an employer? What collective information do they use to determine which jobs they should and should not take? Finally, in doing all that they do, what is the goal of the busboys and do they ultimately achieve their goal?


Question 2 (see Weeks 12-14)

In the two chapters from the book titled Immigrant Workers and the New U.S. Labor Marketthe author, Immanuel Ness, thinks immigrant workers may be in a good position to organize. What is his rational for making this argument? And based on Ness’ view, class discussions and the documentaries (The Hand That Feeds and Food Chains), what do you think? Might immigrant workers be in a good position to organize? In your answer you should also talk about the current political climate, and the extent to which it may impact the likelihood of immigrant organizing. And you should use the Busboys, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and worker rights discussions in making your argument, as well as our discussions about “essential workers” and COVID19.

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