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assistance with these assignment. advertising and consumer buying behavior in the apparel industry Thank you in advance for the help! In the case of the apparel industry, celebrity endorsement in the UK market is an effective tool for specific customer segments. Most of the people get attracted to celebrities who are promoting any specific brand or product. For this reason, the companies also try to hire those famous celebrities for their advertising campaigns who are most popular in the public. In addition to celebrity endorsement, there are many other tools and tactics, which can be used in order to run an effective promotional campaign. These may include events and exhibitions, different sales promotions, sponsorships of mega-events and programs, and effective product placement. All of these tools play a very important role in order to create an impact on the product.

Advertising is one of the most important and necessary requirements for one to carry out a successful and profitable business. essentially advertising serves several functions such as providing perspective with a chance to analyze product benefits, reminders and making them aware of new products and their uses. Clothes it is said, “Maketh a man” or a woman for that matter, in many ways what one wears tells a great deal about them. Clothing reveals personalities, cultures age and even education, for this reason, people tend to show a lot of concern over what they wear, and how it will affect the image they intend on projecting to the world (Frith and Mueller, 2010). In the UK, especially people tend to be highly individualistic and as such, they want to be viewed as having individual styles and unique fashion sense. Notwithstanding this, fashion trends are subject to sudden changes and as result, clothing manufacturers often have to carry out extensive marketing so as to identify and attract the right target customers for their products.

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