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Write 7 pages with APA style on Marketing Managerment Project


Write 7 pages with APA style on Marketing Managerment Project. The case cites an example of Kellogg’s in Asia-Pacific region especially in India. This case is a classic example of concerted marketing efforts going haywire to produce reverse results. When a multinational giant organization such as Kellogg’s launches into an unknown region and area it needs to do the homework and establishes itself. The case highlights on the turnaround strategies used by the company to control the damage and survive. Today Kellogg’s is a household name in most Indian families and also the most preferred breakfast cereal, irrespective of that Kellogg’s needs to be alert in the volatile market. In an upcoming and third world market the options available are many for the consumers as the competition keeps offering one product after the other, which eventually widens the choice for the average consumer. Hence to not only to survive, but also sustain profitably, Kellogg’s has to innovate and in product as well marketing strategies. This paper also suggests a few such strategies with its implications and challenges. No organization can capture a market and be complacent, because capturing a market may be a onetime effort but retaining the market with profitability requires new challenges to be taken and met with competence, effort and good marketing. Kellogg’s – The Indian Story We all love breakfast cereals and the crackling sound they make early morning. They give us an idea about how fresh and beautiful each day is going to be after a healthy breakfast. We are now going to look into a healthy breakfast story of none other than the breakfast giant Kellogg’s in India. Kellogg’s so far in western market has always maintained its upper hand. It was introduced in the Indian market in the year 2005 and was an absolute flophouse. From there on the company looked into various perspectives to make the product a success and has continued to grow in the market steadily. Today even if it has not captured the so called breakfast market share it has managed to survive and even run profitably and smoothly in India. We are going to study the turnaround of Kellogg’s in India in this assignment. Kellogg’s started its way in 1906 and today is the leader of corn flakes and breakfast cereals. Its worldwide expansion program goes as back as 1914. Kellogg’s expanded in England and Australia. By the year 1958 Kellogg’s settled in America making it the most popular breakfast frosty cereals and corn flakes. Over the years Kellogg’s has acquired Worthington Foods, Kashi Company and Keebler Foods. They also have a marketing tie up with Disney. Today Kellogg’s is manufactured in 17 countries and marketed over 180 countries worldwide. It has multiple products such as corn flakes, nutrition bars, ice cream cones, pies, and waffles etc. Today it is a company with billions of dollars of turnover world over. With this strength, history and backing Kellogg’s launched with many trumpets in Indian market. It started with its basic product - cornflakes. SWOT Analysis of Kellogg’s: Strengths: 1. Kellogg’s is a multi-billion dollar company having presence worldwide. 2. The product quality that is offered is uniform across the markets world over. 3. It has an excellent brand name and enjoys a healthy brand image. 4. Through various acquisitions it has acquired a range of products starting from breakfast cereals to nutrition bars and diet cereals. 5.

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