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Homework answers / question archive / You are the HR manager for a large call center at Putty Sports

You are the HR manager for a large call center at Putty Sports


You are the HR manager for a large call center at Putty Sports. This center responds to customer inquiries about new sporting goods equipment products they have purchased. There always was an increase in volume of incoming calls and sales during certain times of the year, which created a need for doubling the size of the workforce. These volume peaks usually occurred in the summer and around Christmas and it was possible to meet the needs by hiring students- during the summer or at the holiday breaks, or by bringing back ex-employees for short periods of time. But now business has been doing very well and they are busy virtually all of the time. There are still some slow months, but only September, February and April. As the company has grown, there has been a need to develop a more structured approach to legal compliance in a number of areas.
You have been hired to assist in this process. The company is very conscious of the high cost of doing business but wants to avoid unnecessary legal expenses or fines, especially in the governmental compliance arena.

- Select 3 laws that you think could provide a problem for Putty Sports. Write an essay giving your reasons for selecting each of the 3 laws, suggest the steps that Putty could take to minimize or eliminate the risk of violating each of the laws and suggest steps that Putty should put in place to monitor and ensure future compliance with each of the 3 laws.

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