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Homework answers / question archive / You have inherited $500,000 at age 20

You have inherited $500,000 at age 20


You have inherited $500,000 at age 20. The money is in a trust fund that is paying 8% interest per year. You can either take the interest each year or reinvest it in the trust fund. The principal cannot be withdrawn from the trust fund until you are 40.

1) Divide it into two groups. One group to be the "Spenders." They will spend money as they receive it (on cars, vacations, new homes, etc.).

The other group will be "Savers." They want to retire at age 45 and lead a comfortable life before and after they retire.

2) Next, determine the value of the trust fund at age 40. Which of the groups will be most likely to achieve its primary financial goal and why?

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