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Homework answers / question archive / I will assign you a topic and an opponent

I will assign you a topic and an opponent


I will assign you a topic and an opponent. I will inform you which side of the argument you will argue, Pro or Con.

The Pro Premise

Number each sentence.
Make a concrete, persuasive, organized argument. Tell the audience what your argument is about.
Sentence One: ____________________________________________________

Once you’ve told the audience what your argument is about, you need  to explain what exactly you meant. It is very important that you explain  logically why your argument is true.
Sentence Two: ______________________________________________

Provide two expert examples with evidence to support your claim. You 

may use statistics or a very specific example. Using general examples, 

or linking your argument to another idea can be just as useful. Make 

sure to explain why your example is relevant. These two sentences should

be direct quotes from reliable experts on the topic. Cite your sources 

both after the quote, and on a reference page.
Sentence three: _____________________________________________
Sentence four: ______________________________________________
Explain why your evidence is important or directly related to your argument?
Sentence five: ______________________________________________

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