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Homework answers / question archive / There are several methods that employers use to screen employees for a job

There are several methods that employers use to screen employees for a job

Computer Science

There are several methods that employers use to screen employees for a job. Employers

sometimes start by using search engines to find applicants online. The internet contains a plentiful amount of information on applicants and can be used to get a proper perspective on how they may be. Another excellent method is searching for applicants using social media. The reason why social media is such a great asset to employers is that applicants mostly post who they are. This includes their personality, experience, how they handle themselves outside of the workplace, and a lot of other useful information.

Verifying education is another important thing that employers check when screening

applicants. Applicants can sometimes lie about their education, and verifying their education is a great way to avoid hiring someone who is not qualified. People have been shown to inflate the amount of knowledge they have by putting down that they have a bachelor’s degree when they have only completed a two-year degree. Employment verification is also something that has to be verified. The reason for this is because applicants will state that they held a position that they never did. Just like education, experience is a critical factor that employers take into consideration because that determines if they will be a good fit for the position. Criminal background checks should also be conducted on every employee. These background checks will help to avoid hiring someone who already has committed a crime and who are more likely to commit that same crime again. It helps minimize that risk but does not guarantee that it will not happen.

Credit history is also something that employers may look at because they are a direct line of defense for an organization. Someone who is under a considerable amount of financial strain will be tempted to steal or defraud the company to pay off those debts. Credit history is, essentially, a history of how they handle money, more importantly, debt. Someone who has bad credit is considered to have made bad decisions in the past. These bad decisions, combined with the stress of debt, can tempt people to commit illegal acts.

There are several downsides to using credit checks because some things are out of people’s control. Some people are victims of fraud every day, which will negatively impact their history. They may also not correctly reflect a person’s ability to do the job. For this reason, some cities make it illegal to conduct credit history checks for employment purposes. However, this credit check, combined with other information found supporting what shows on the credit check report, can be a good indicator of a person’s character and the amount of risk an employer may incur.

There are also several ways to prevent administrators from having too much control over network resources. Firstly, by avoiding just one person have the passwords for everything. A process must be put in place to make sure that more than one person can access the resources they need. Everything needs to be well documented and secured, but also access to other administrators, CSO’s, CEO’s, etc.

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