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Homework answers / question archive / Follow a prominent PUBLIC figure or event (e

Follow a prominent PUBLIC figure or event (e


Follow a prominent PUBLIC figure or event (e.g., social/political movement) on ONE social media platform (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc). Write a 3-5 page (double-spaced) analysis including:

(1) a brief background of the person or event (~1-2)

1)include technical info (how many followers, members, friends, etc.

2)the dates that you followed them. 

(2) a summary of how/why social media was used (~1-2)

b)what types of content were posted and what the goal of the content was.

c)think about uses and gratifications. What needs did using this particular platform satisfy. Feel free to make educated speculations.

(3) the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of social media (~1)

a)how did the target audience respond.

(4) Personal reflection on what could have been done differently. (~1)

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