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Homework answers / question archive / Something that can be removed without being missed

Something that can be removed without being missed


Something that can be removed without being missed. They could, but it would be REALLY mean.

Basically, the word "redundant" can have many meanings. However, it seems to all correlate to being somewhat useless.

Example:If you have to do something a considerable amount of times, but doesn't really have any effect(can be repetitive), or could be removed it is redundant.

A more common example: If you play video games, mainly Massively Multiplayer Online. In the story, they could have you constantly running back and forth to a few people. This task becomes annoying and tedious, more than likely with no effect on the story. This is called redundant. It can be removed without consequence or being missed.

Now, if a person can be redundant. Yes, they can; however, it would be extremely rude. You're basically saying something like, "If you die or disappear, you won't be missed!"

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