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Homework answers / question archive / COMPLETE: Introducing Ourselves (2 parts) 2323 unread replies

COMPLETE: Introducing Ourselves (2 parts) 2323 unread replies


COMPLETE: Introducing Ourselves (2 parts)

2323 unread replies.5151 replies.

The due date for PART ONE this assignment is NO LATER THAN Sept 18 by 11:59pm. Obviously, you should post as soon as possible so others have time to comment/respond.


Introduce yourself to the rest of the class but with the following stipulations:

  • Tell us something about you that will set you apart from other people. In other words, try not to list your hobbies, hometown, number of siblings or other cliche information that most people list when introducing themselves. If you MUST identify one of these things, explain why it is important for other people to know you through this information.
  • What do you think you will add to this class by being a participant?

Write your post in at least 300 words or more. 

1. Compose your post and your responses professionally, academically, and appropriately. While this assignment is intended for us to get to know one another, do so as if you might make some professional/academic/social connections for the future. Also, in this course I am looking for writing that consistently meets standards for academic writing.

2. Respond (comment) to at least two other classmates' posts (once others have posted). Responses should be MEANINGFUL and reach at least 100 words or more. Think about how  you might try to build relationships with one another in an online space, which is different from how you'd interact with one another when face-to-face.

Classmates' posts will not appear to you until you have posted your first post. Click "reply" under the post to add a comment. You might need to return to this assignment on another day if only a few classmates have posted.

This assignment is worth 35 points: 15 for your post, 10 for each response. I will not offer feedback on this writing, but points should indicate how well you've answered the assignment in addition to how well you've constructed it (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)

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