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38. the When the demand curve is a downward sloping straight line, the quantity at which the demand curve intersects the horizontal (quantity) axis is quantity at which the marginal revenue curve intersects the horizontal (quantity) axis A equal to B. less than C. twice D. four times 39. For a monopolist, price marginal revenue A. always equals B. is less than C. is greater than D. is first greater than and then less than 40. When monopolists perfectly price discriminate, they A charge different prices to different buyers. B. attempt to capture consumer surplus as profit. C. can eliminate the deadweight loss to society of a monopoly. D. All of the above are correct 41. industry Price is NOT a firm decision variable in ain) A. perfectly competitively B. monopolistic C. monopolistically competitive D. oligopolistic 42 The feature that distinguishes monopolistic competition from perfect competition is that monopolistically competitive firms are A large relative to the market. B. price takers. C. able to block the entry of other firms. D. able to differentiate their products.

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