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Homework answers / question archive / Write 3 pages with APA style on Marketplace Structure

Write 3 pages with APA style on Marketplace Structure


Write 3 pages with APA style on Marketplace Structure. Contrary, a monopolistic market emerges after a firm produces a product that is not similar to what others produce. The product is unique and there is no replacement. The organization enjoys being the only single producer of the product or service. Consequently, the organization controls the price and quality. Entry in the monopolistic market is challenged by economies of scale. Monopolistic competitive market consists of organizations selling similar products that are not identical. There are many organizations each taking a portion of the market. Baade (33) adds that, the organizations diversify the products so that they have a variety according to name, style and pricing. Movement in and out of the industry does not have a barrier. Oligopoly is a market structure where a few organizations with same or diversified product gain prominence in the market. Because the few large organizations are known to each other, decisions are made putting into consideration the competitor’s reaction. Decisions on advertising, output and prices are influenced by the rival organizations. There is a tendency to diversify or standardize the product. Entering the industry requires a large capital. Economies of scale are the major hindrance to joining the industry.&nbsp. Manchester United fits into the oligopoly market structure. It is a football club featured in the premier league among other prominent and wealthy football clubs. Its rivals in the market include. Arsenal, Liverpool, Leeds United and Manchester City.

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