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Homework answers / question archive / 1)A report writer plans to use a small (one quarter page) bar chart

1)A report writer plans to use a small (one quarter page) bar chart


1)A report writer plans to use a small (one quarter page) bar chart. She should place it:

  1. Which of the following graphic aids would be best for showing data on a company’s sales for the preceding 10 years? The illustration will show sales of each of the company’s three products as well as total sales:
  2. Choose the graphic aid which would be best to show 2013 sales by products (three) fo a national sales company’s seven districts.
  3. In constructing a title for your graphic aid, all five Ws should be included in the title?


  1. When is it necessary to show plus and minus variations from a central point of reference, the chart that should be used is the:
  2. The best place to begin dividing the area of a pie chart is at which of these positions?
  3. A continuous series of data showing weekly fluctuation in sales of a company is best shown in a:
  4. When information is well presented in a graphic, the information should  not be discussed in the report:


  1. When is it best to write a letter using the direct order or strategy?
  2. When is it best to use the indirect order or strategy when writing a letter?
  3. All of the following are ways of constructing questions in a routine inquiry letter except:
  4. When the objective of a letter will have neither very positive nor very negative effects on the reader, the direct approach generally is preferred.


  1. Choose the best choice of words for the beginning of a favorable response letter:
  2. Or the sake of conciseness, explanation material is best omitted in routine inquiry letters:


  1. Which of the following sentences forms the best beginning for a letter making a routine request for information about an advertised product:
  2. When generally explanation material that fits the entire letter is needed in a routine inquiry letter, usually it is best placed:
  3. The most appropriate ending for a routine inquiry letter is one that asks one of the questions you need answered:


  1. Which of these ending sentences is best for a routine inquiry letter?
  2. The best of these beginnings to a letter favorably answering a series of questions asked is:
  3. Which is the best opening to a favorable reply to an inquiry message asking permission to use the write as an employment reference?
  4. __favorable response letter answering six questions, five favorably but one unfavorably, the writer should:
  5. Because claim letters contain negative news, they are best written in the indirect order:


  1. The subject line o a claim letter should clearly identify the situation even though it concerns bad news.


  1. In an adjustment grant letter, which of the following sentences offers the best lead into the explanation of what went wrong?
  2. Which of the following would form the worst close for a message granting adjustment?
  3. Choose the best description of the opening of a letter refusing a request.
  4. The best strategy or diplomatically handling a refusal in a message is to explain first and then to refuse.


  1. Which of these sentences forms the best beginning of a letter refusing a request for free use of equipment for a charity?
  2. Choose the most appropriate ending of a letter refusing an important request.
  3. Which of the following is the best closing for a message refusing to participate as speaker on the program?
  4. Although a refusal is negative, it is possible to refuse without using a single negative word:


  1. Which of these subject line wordings is best for a letter refusing to make an adjustment?
  2. Choose the best of these beginnings to a letter refusing an adjustment on an electric mixer.
  3. Because your objective in a refusal letter is to refuse, the refusal deserves emphasis by spaced and position:


  1. In a refused adjustment letter, the best place to state the refusal is:
  2. In a message refusing a request because of company policy, the explanation needs only to state the company policy:


  1. Choose the sentence that most appropriately presents a reason supporting the refusal to a claim for adjustment:
  2. Choose the best of these opening sentences to a letter refusing a request for credit that accompanied an order for goods.
  3. In a letter refusing to grant credit, the best place to state the refusal would be:
  4. Choose the best of these sentences stating the refusal in a credit refusal letter:
  5. In a letter refusing credit to a bad moral risk, it is best to tell the reader directly why you are refusing.


  1. Choose the best of these sentences denying credit to a bad moral risk.
  2. A credit refusal message to one with a weak financial position can talk somewhat directly about the reason for refusal:


  1. Choose the best of the following sentences beginning a message refusing credit to a weak financial risk.
  2. A good way to end a credit refusal letter is to suggest that the reader buy for cash.


  1. A question form of beginning should be avoided in the persuasive request letter:


  1. Which of these beginnings is best for a persuasive request for cooperation in answering a questionnaire? The letter is directed to college professors and the questionnaire concerns academic freedom.
  2. Because of the need for objectivity, you-viewpoint adaptation is of little value in persuasive request letters.


  1. *The actual request in a persuasive request letter is placed best:
  2. *Requests that are likely to encounter resistance require a slow, deliberate approach.


  1. Choose the best sentence beginning of the actual request in a persuasive request letter.
  2. Persuasive requests that are not complex or highly involved may end appropriately with the request.


  1. Choose the best of these closings or a persuasive request letter:
  2. In addition to preparing the audience to receive the message, the introduction to a speech should also:
  3. Which of the following is the best advice to a speaker concerning analysis of the audience?
  4. Words alone determine the meanings an audience receives from a speaker.


  1. In speaking, the best advice concerning use of voice pitch is:
  2. The form of speech presentation that involves organizing, preparing notes of slides, and rehearsing is called:
  3. An impromptu speech is a delivery style, not a type of speech.


  1. All of the following are characteristics of a good speaker except:
  2. Gestures involve movements of which of the following body parts?
  3. Because many people do not like people to look at them in the eye, oral presenters should take care not to look or their audiences.


  1. When giving an oral presentation, you should always include visuals and graphics to enhance the effectiveness of your presentation.


  1. Gestures are strong and precise means of communication.


  1. When planning a speech, the best way to build a self-confidence is to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared.  


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