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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Why did it take the New York colonists nearly 20 years to establish a legislature? The Duke of York controlled the colony and didn't care to listen to colonists

1) Why did it take the New York colonists nearly 20 years to establish a legislature? The Duke of York controlled the colony and didn't care to listen to colonists



Why did it take the New York colonists nearly 20 years to establish a legislature?

The Duke of York controlled the colony and didn't care to listen to colonists.

The colonists wished to prove that they could be successful without a strong government.

New York was still under the direct control of the English Crown and Parliament.

The colonists were too divided among themselves to establish a central government.


Which of the following statements is true?

Historians include all related information in the stories they tell.

Memorizing facts is only one element of being a historian.

After research, the historian presents the facts exactly as they were found.

A historian's goal is to discover the one correct way of understanding past events.


Which native civilization used a system of knotted threads to record and communicate information?

The Inca

The Aztec

The Hopewell

The Pueblo


Many Native Americans were eager to trade with Europeans for advanced weaponry.

What was an economic effect of this trade?

Native Americans began selling Europeans traditional native weaponry like bows and arrows in exchange.

Native Americans stopped trading with other tribes because now they could use muskets to steal from one another.

Native Americans began to hunt more beavers so they could trade the pelts for muskets.

Native Americans began harvesting the raw materials used to make muskets and gunpowder.


Which of the following statements reflects the process of commodification?

Merchants established sea routes to meet demand for luxury items.

Europeans profited by bringing tobacco from the New World back to Europe.

The movement of people between Europe and the New World intensified.

European nations competed for access to the New World's resources.


What role did New World exports play in the Triangular Trade?

African slaves were sent to Europe in exchange for goods like sugar, tobacco and cotton.

Organic goods like tobacco were sent back to the specific colony's mother country.

Tobacco was used to lure Africans to the Americas where they would be enslaved.

Textiles, rum and other manufactured goods were sent to Africa in exchange for slaves.


Which of the following statements about governance in the northern colonies is true?

Most adult men had the right to vote, no matter their economic status.

Women were invited to collaborate in the governance of both church and state.

Competing political and religious ideologies were generally tolerated.

A central religious figure served by divine-right and was the highest authority.


Which of the following statements best describes the situation in Central America prior to the arrival of Spanish conquistadores?

The Aztec and Inca had been engaged in a centuries-long war for what is now Mexico City.

Many native peoples resented the Aztec rulers and were ready to rebel.

Native cultures like the Aztec and Tlaxcalan were content to coexist peacefully.

The Aztec were a nomadic people, thinly spread through what is now Mexico.


In what way did the Crusades start a chain of events that led to European discovery of the New World?

They led to increased movement between Europe and Asia that resulted in new trade networks.

They facilitated an intellectual exchange with cultures that already knew about the New World.

They caused Europeans to give up efforts at conquering Asia and look for new lands to conquer in the west.

They blocked trade routes between Europe and Asia and prevented silks and spices from reaching Europe.


"If the natives do not submit to our total and absolute authority, we will destroy them and take their lands."

The above statement is most representative of which group of European explorers?






Which factor initially prevented England from establishing permanent colonies in the Americas?

English citizens were too afraid to go to the Americas after the settlement at Roanoke disappeared.

The government was more concerned with religious and political disputes than with sponsoring colonization of the Americas.

England didn't want to risk war with Spain, which already controlled much of the Americas.

Religious tensions spilled over into the Americas, which led many to wait until they settled down.


Which English colony was founded in 1634 as a second source of tobacco production with a charter from King Charles I?



Massachusetts Bay



Ephraim gives a presentation on the Vietnam War and how it changed the way war is depicted in movies, television and images.

Which of the following is most likely a lens with which he is analyzing the past?






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