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Homework answers / question archive / CJ101: INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE M4: Learning Reflection No unread replies

CJ101: INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE M4: Learning Reflection No unread replies



  • M4: Learning Reflection
  • No unread replies.No replies.
  • Learning reflections give you the opportunity to think about what you have read and written in this module, linking it to your own experience and prior learning. This exercise will help ensure that you are able to recall the information presented in this module at a later date and use it when completing assessments.   
    For your learning reflections, please address the following questions: "What did you learn in this module and how would you use it? What do you wish I would have asked you this week?" 
  • In addressing this question, please write from between 5-10 sentences. You do not have to cite any outside sources or use APA format. This is your opportunity to think through what the module has meant to you. 

In this module you study the American Courts and their unique dual-court system structure and the critical importance that jurisdiction and authority have on all levels of courts.  Additionally, you weigh the impact that strained state budgets, huge caseloads, and plea bargaining, sometimes referred to as “assembly line justice,” have on the balancing of individual rights against public order. Finally, you must consider the role and impact that the media and electronic technology now play in the courtroom.




Module Outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Module Outcome 1: Describe the development of the American court system. (CO1 and 2)
  • Module Outcome 2: Outline the structure of a typical state court system, and describe the jurisdiction of various types of state and local courts. (CO2)
  • Module Outcome 3: Identify the three levels of the federal judiciary, and enumerate the primary differences between the state and federal court systems. (CO2)
  • Module Outcome 4: Explain the typical steps taken during pretrial activities, and list the key factors considered by judicial officers in assessing the risks associated with pretrial release. (CO2)

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