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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses academic plan for improvement

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses academic plan for improvement


Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses academic plan for improvement. ?Wishes, Fear, and the Plan

This paper will examine three of my academic wishes, which include studying, staying focused, and adopting a health-sleeping schedule. In addition, it will discuss my fears and obstacles including my children staying focused, illnesses during study times, and my responsibility of my family that may affect my sleeping schedule. Lastly, it will discuss the way forward to a fruitful study life.

Undeniably, there is no one-study method that suits everyone and leads to excellent grades. The students have unique parameters that enable them to adopt the right study habits to allow them save on time and the agony of studying the last minute. I have a wish to get good grades by the end of this course. To make my academic wish come true, I have committed to various study habits, which include drawing a timetable for study, sticking to it, and morning reviews of my class notes.

During my morning reviews, I plan to spend the time rewriting key concepts of various subjects learnt on the previous day. In addition, after finishing every course, I plan to take time to link courses to daily life to make them more fulfilling to my life. By following my study time well, I will have ample time to study and sleep, even during exams. To remain focused during study time, I will inquire from other students how they are making it, form group discussions with them to motivate and challenge me. In addition, give myself rewards for following my timetables well, attending classes, and getting good grades.

My obstacles in life are largely past failures and health issues, which remind me of possibility of failure in future academic endeavours. I have told myself repeatedly that I do not need to fear about sicknesses because they are part of life. I am trying to overcome this fear by reading a book by Norman Vincent Pearle on the Power Of Positive Thinking and encourage myself that sickness will not affect my studies. I have committed to taking a balanced diet to boost my immunity and avoid communicable diseases. Another of my greatest fears has been how I will balance my studies and my family. This is because when I come home in the evenings, I need to spend time with my family, and at the same time have a few minutes to review my notes and do some assignments.

Usually, my children draw their inspiration to read from me, which makes them stay focused to their studies. In the timetable, I have slotted a time to my children and reduced the time I had to watch TV in the evenings to ensure that I have enough sleep to start my day fresh. The timetable also incorporates a time on the weekend to study and some for socializing with my family members. I have committed not to accept any distractions from my family members while studying at home. In addition, I take frequent breaks to have the mind relax and accommodate more. Not forgetting to attend lectures and take good notes to enable my study time yield fruits. I am convinced that with all the above measures, I will attain very good grades as I have expected.

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