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Homework answers / question archive / PT)Olimpik is a company that produces cabinets

PT)Olimpik is a company that produces cabinets


PT)Olimpik is a company that produces cabinets. The following is the projected first quarter sales for the coming year and the beginning and ending inventory are as follows:

Sales unit 25000
Price per unit IDR 1000
Initial Inventory 15000
target Ending Inventory 20000

The wardrobe requires 6 meters of wood at a cost of IDR 500 per meter. The initial inventory of materials is 560 meters. The company intends to have 800 meters of inventory at the end of the quarter. Each production of a wardrobe requires 5 hours of direct labor, which is paid IDR 1000 per hour.


1). Create a sales budget

2). Create a production budget

3). Make a budget for purchasing raw materials directly

4). Create a direct labor budget

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