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Homework answers / question archive / The Cobb-Douglas production function for a product is N(x,y) = 10(x^0

The Cobb-Douglas production function for a product is N(x,y) = 10(x^0


The Cobb-Douglas production function for a product is N(x,y) = 10(x^0.8)(y^0.2) where x is the number of units of labor and y is the number of units of capital required to produce N units of the product. What is the marginal productivity of labor and the marginal productivity of capital? What are they when there are 40 units of labor and 50 units of capital? Nx(x,y) = Nx(40, 50) = Ny(x,y) = Ny(40, 50) = If each unit of labor costs $100, each unit of capital costs $50, and $10,000 is budgeted for production of this product, what is the constraint equation? What is F(x, y, 2)? Use h instead of 2. What are F.(x,y,h), F, (x,y,h), and Fn(x,y,h)? g(x,y) = F(x,y,h) = Fx(x,y,h) = Fy(x,y,h) = Fh(x,y,h) =

HRM 446 Corporate Governance a QUETION ONE A effective System of internal is a prerequisite of effective Corpore governance system and the core of corporate accountability. DISCUSS,

QUESTION ONE a) Daniel Sawmili Lid (DSL) produces and exports lumber and planks. It owns a plant which has a book value of GHe 1.800.000 a at January 2014. The Government of Ghana passed a legislation that restricts the exportation of lumber. Consequently, DSL has to reduce production significantly. Cash flow forecast for the next four years included in the budget submitted for management approval in January 2014 shows the following: Year Cash Flows (GH) 2014 350.00 2015 500.000 -2016 300.000 2017 700.000 The cash flow forecast for 2017 includes expected proceeds from disposal of the plant. The cash flow projections also ignore the effects of general upwards movement in prices. It is estimated that if the plant is sold in January 2014, it would realize a net proceeds of GH?1,320,000. The costs of capital for DSL is 15% (ignoring inflationary-effect).

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