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Homework answers / question archive / 1) Benefits and pitfalls of planning Dawn is a manager for a pet grooming shop

1) Benefits and pitfalls of planning Dawn is a manager for a pet grooming shop


1) Benefits and pitfalls of planning

Dawn is a manager for a pet grooming shop. She has decided to engage in planning by creating goals for her employees. Dawn has created a plan to increase revenues at the store by setting goals for each employee to up-sell customers into dog pedicures and hair dyeing services, which bring in higher revenues than dog bathing and trimming. Which of the following are likely results of the plan that Dawn has created? Check all that apply.

Dawn notices her employees staying past their shifts all month in order to meet their goals

After not hitting the revenue goals the first month, Dawn’s employees stop trying to up-sell customers and just focus on bathing and trimming

Dawn’s employees work harder during their shifts

The pet groomers become more efficient at bathing and trimming dogs so they have more time for dog pedicures and hair dyeing

2) Making a plan that works

Using your knowledge of SMART goals, select the best goal.

I will study hard before my next test.

I will ask my study group what they think of our professor.

I will complete this class with a good grade so I can graduate.

I will outline two chapters of my management textbook before class starts next Tuesday.

The following table contains the steps used in creating a workable plan.

Identify the order in which the steps are usually taken.

Planning Step


Develop commitment to goals


Track progress toward goal achievement


Develop an effective action plan


Set goals


Maintain flexibility


Which of the following techniques can managers use to increase an employee’s goal commitment?  Check all that apply.

Ask the employee to participate in goal setting

Tell the employee what goals he or she is expected to meet

Ask top management to speak publicly about their support for the employee’s goals

Ask the employee to publicly state his or her goals

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