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Homework answers / question archive / IEEN 5303 HW 6   (20 points) A water sample contains 10 mg NO3- /L

IEEN 5303 HW 6   (20 points) A water sample contains 10 mg NO3- /L

Mechanical Engineering

IEEN 5303

HW 6


  1. (20 points) A water sample contains 10 mg NO3- /L. What is the concentration in (a) ppmm, (b) moles/L, and (c) ppbm?


  1. (20 points) A liquid sample has a concentration of iron (Fe) of 5.6 mg/L. The density of the liquid is 2,000 g/L. What is the Fe concentration in ppmm?


  1. (20 points) What is the concentration in ppmv of carbon monoxide (CO) with a concentration of 103 µg/m3? Assume a temperature of 25°C and pressure of 1 atm.


  1. (20 points) Formaldehyde is commonly found in the indoor air of improperly designed and constructed buildings. If the concentration of formaldehyde in a home is 0.7 ppmv and the inside volume is 800 m3, what mass (in grams) of formaldehyde vapor is inside the home? Assume T=298 K, P=1 atm. The molecular weight of formaldehyde is 30.


  1. (20 points)The concentration of ozone (O3) in Beijing on a summer day (T = 30°C, P = 1 atm) is 125 ppbv. What is the O3 concentration in units of (a) µg/m3, and (b) number of moles of O3 per 106 moles of air?

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