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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1)       Tammy, a high school senior, is trying to decide what to do after graduation

Question 1)       Tammy, a high school senior, is trying to decide what to do after graduation


Question 1)


Tammy, a high school senior, is trying to decide what to do after graduation.  She has been considering the military since she was a little girl because it has been a family tradition.  According to George Herbert Mead, Tammy is in the __________ stage.












  • Question 2

__________ is defined as the process of learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors.





Anticipatory socialization


Social interaction




Impression management

  • Question 3

Which of the following is not considered part of the resocialization process?





Punish undesirable behaviors with humiliation and difficult tasks.


Break down an individual's sense of self by invading his or her privacy.


Enforce strict rules that restrict an individual's clothing and hairstyle choices.


Encourage an individual to form close bonds with their fellow peers.

  • Question 4

Prisons, mental institutions, and boarding schools are examples of __________ because participants are isolated from the rest of society and under complete control of the officials in charge.





hidden curricula


total institutions


life course stages


anticipatory socialization

  • Question 5

When high school graduates enter college, they must learn entirely different ways of thinking and behaving in their new academic setting.  This is an example of __________.









total institution


impression management

  • Question 6



Which of the following is most likely the result of family socialization?





performing specific household chores


being born with blond hair


naturally wanting to play the piano


texting during class time

  • Question 7



The nature-nurture debate consists of the argument that __________.





it is natural to negatively judge other cultures as inferior


genetic predispositions are the only factors of human development


genes and the social environment play a role in human development


feral children have no ability to communicate like humans

  • Question 8



Which of the following is not a characteristic of the socialization process?





It is the primary way of reproducing culture.


It occurs only in early childhood.


It is often an unconscious process.


It shapes our behaviors and attitudes.

  • Question 9



__________ was a major figure in the studies of social interaction.





George Herbert Mead


Charles Horton Cooley


Erving Goffman


Jean Piaget



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