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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment: Comparison Essay In this assignment, you will write an academic essay that compares/contrasts two subjects

Assignment: Comparison Essay In this assignment, you will write an academic essay that compares/contrasts two subjects


Assignment: Comparison Essay

In this assignment, you will write an academic essay that compares/contrasts two subjects. You will need to develop your essay in three to four main points using correct structure and format.




Structure and word length: develop a compare/contrast essay of approximately 800 words. Structure your essay appropriately for academic writing.

Formatting: Use either APA or MLA format consistently throughout the entire essay (remember that APA and MLA format are not used only for citing sources: they are also used to properly format your essay). You are responsible for looking up the format in your handbook for either APA or MLA (depending on which one you have chosen to use) and using it consistently. In addition, please underline your thesis statement and all your topic sentences, and provide your word count at the end of the essay: e.g. (Count = 880). 

Language and style: This particular assignment is based on your own personal views; you may, therefore use slightly informal English. See the information in the modules and in your handbook for guidelines on informal diction and how to develop description that is convincing.

Research: Research is not required to do this assignment. If you use any research, make certain it is used only minimally for this assignment and of sufficient quality to be included in your essay. Remember that for this course (and most college/university courses), Wikipedia is not considered an appropriate source. You must document any paraphrases and/or quotations from secondary sources using in-text citations and either a Works Cited or References page (depending on whether you are using MLAA or APA format). 


Topic is


Consider a city or town (or some other significant place) you know really well. Compare and contrast what that place is like today with what it was like when you first knew it. Using specific examples, show how it has changed and explain whether you think the change has been primarily positive, negative, or both. Include enough details so that your essay is credible and meaningful to your reader.



Content shows originality, insights, thinking, depth, complexity 

Details and examples are sharp, appropriate, effective, relevant 

Writer’s voice is lively, authentic, interesting

Tone and approach are appropriate to topic/subject matter and audience 

Purpose and approach are clear; topic/approach to topic is original, fresh, of intrinsic/potential interest to readers

Writing is honest & sincere

Writer engages fully with topic    


Central idea comes through clearly 

The introduction smoothly leads the reader to your thesis statement with enough information to spark an interest in the topic 

Thesis statement is clear and includes the main points of comparison; sub-points of the thesis connect to topic sentences of body paragraphs 

Thesis matches with what is written in the body of the essay 

Points/paragraphs follow each other logically and are clearly related to central idea 

Paper is cohesive, moving from one point to another clearly and smoothly 

Paragraphs themselves are focused and unified, each having a clear purpose and clear topic sentence 

The conclusion sums up the main points and thesis effectively    


Clear and correct sentence structure (has been proofread for such matters as comma splices, fragments, fused sentences, mixed constructions, parallelism problems, dangling modifiers, and so forth) 

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