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Homework answers / question archive / Use the literature research to write a two page rationale

Use the literature research to write a two page rationale


Use the literature research to write a two page rationale. In text citations must follow APA format. Please visit the writing center for assistance. An annotated bibliography is also required. Please follow APA guideline for annotated bibliography. at least five sources are required. Please do not use any font larger than 12 pt.

Specifics are as follows:

Use the previously selected major public health problem you would like to develop a health promotion program for. Write a rationale that sells the program you are planning to decision makers using the guidelines and inverted triangle presented in chapter 2 on page 22. Also incorporate these specifics into the rationale:

  1. Clearly define what public health problem your program is addressing
  2. Provide an overview of the problem epidemiology (rates of disease/death, numbers related to significant behavioral patterns) and etiology (i.e., what causes it to be a problem – behaviors, disease physiology, environmental conditions, social conditions, etc.) Use global term but then narrow down to the specific target population. If statistics are not available for a given target population use that of a similar population and extrapolate support for the HPP.
  3. Research and give examples of other health education/promotion programs that have been used to address this issue. The examples should relate as closely as possible to the target population of your program. Describe the type of population used for the intervention, the methods used, the outcome of the intervention, and the strengths and weaknesses for the intervention.
  4. State the proposed solution to the problem. Name the HPP to be developed. Provide a general description of the program/intervention.
  5. State the anticipated success of the program and why it will be successful.

6. Provide an annotated bibliography for your sources. Use a minimum of five sources

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