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Homework answers / question archive / Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Global Problem of Slavery

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Global Problem of Slavery


Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Global Problem of Slavery. Francis Bok for instance is one young boy of seven years old who endured a lot during his early years of growth. Slavery came upon him in Southern Sudan when Arab raiders fully armed with knives. Rifles came and attacked him at the market where he had been selling his mother’s eggs. These men were so brutal such that they murdered women and men, took hold of all young children for slavery under rich Arabs (Engerman, pg.76).

Bok normally stayed in a shed near goats the cattle which were his responsibility to take care of. Besides, the small boy was constantly exposed to unfamiliar religion and language by his captor which he was forced to learn slowly. He was also not allowed to have any contact with the other people except his Arab captors lest he escapes.

However the small boy tried to escape two times with no success, he had to undergo death threats and end endless beatings. He finally managed to escape, although he still experienced a case of deprivation of freedom on the way in Khartoum, the Sudan capital.

Previously, this boy had passed through refugee camps and prisons before being rescued by the United Nations back in 1999. Afterward, Bok escaped again from Sudan to Egypt then the United States where he was forced to use his Christian name of Francis in order to protect himself. (Streissguth, pg. 70)

State-level analysis. The problem of slavery here is depicted in the sense of how states have been able to come up and implement foreign policies to curb slave practices (Streissguth, pg.203). At the time of Bok when he was in slavery, it is well depicted that the states he passed through had no implemented any strategies to overcome slavery. Many people are seen to end up in slavery including Bok. This kind of citizen protection by its government however dependents on the type of government itself, the type of the policies and the foreign policy process, the political culture in that state, and the situation prevailing at that time in the concerned&nbsp.government.

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