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Homework answers / question archive / Disease is a major health issue in the world today

Disease is a major health issue in the world today


Disease is a major health issue in the world today.  Epidemiologists are on the front line of advocating safe and healthy living.  This paper is designed to introduce a health issue and provide ways in which it can be prevented.

1. Research a health issue, provide information on the background and prevalence of the problem.  Describe who is at the most risk ( demographics, age, gender).  What behaviors help to contribute to the prevalence of the problem?  What current beliefs about the health issue? How can it be prevented?

2. How would you communicate a message to people to help the spread of the health issue?  Who is your target audience?  What behaviors need to change?

3 Pages double spaced
12 don't
Include at least 4 references
APA Format

Basically just to make sure you have a better understanding:

Choose a more focused topic for example childhood asthma in the city or HIV among drug users.

1st part give a general background.  Why it needs to be addressed:

2nd part give a solution to prevent the spread of it .

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