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Homework answers / question archive / Your essayshould be double spaced and should be written in an Arial font of 12, or in Times New Roman font of 12, and follow APA style

Your essayshould be double spaced and should be written in an Arial font of 12, or in Times New Roman font of 12, and follow APA style


Your essayshould be double spaced and should be written in an Arial font of 12, or in Times New Roman font of 12, and follow APA style. Use left align (ragged) rather than full (justified) alignment.

1. Aside from yourthoughtful title, your title page must include your name, your student number, the date, and aword count(excluding the title page and references page). Place this information in the center of the page. Do not worry about the APA guide for your title page aside from the fact that it should contain a page number in the top right corner.

2. Do not use headings throughout your essay.

3. The required word count for this essay is too high for a five paragraph essay: you will need more than three body paragraphs. Remember that the number of body paragraphs does not necessarily match the number of subtopics in your thesis.

4. You must use one of the topics provided; otherwise, your essaywill be returned to you ungraded with a grade of zero. Be sure to narrow your focus as the topics are broad. The topics are meant to be a starting point for you.

5. Conduct your research. You will complete this task initially through an annotated bibliography.

6. Devise a thesis statement. You will also complete this task initially when constructing an annotated bibliography.

7. Support your claims. Each paragraph should be devoted to explaining and supporting a particular subtopic within your thesis. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, and each body paragraph (excluding the first) should have a smooth transition connecting it with the preceding (and next) paragraph.

8. Conclude your essay. Maintain interest and offer an overview of your thesis.

Things to Watch Out For

1. Be sure to narrow the focus of your topic. You must write your own focused thesis. The topics provided are general in nature.

2. Be sure to mention the other side of the argument in your introduction. Limit this to a clause or a sentence. We must use alimited rebuttalin this essaydue to length.

3. Avoid lengthy quotations. This essayis short; therefore, you should use brief quotations only when needed.

4. Remember that you are arguing something. You are trying to conclude something in this essay.

5. Avoid your own opinion without evidence to support it. Back up all claims withvalid research, and avoid the first person point of view.

6. This essaymust be formatted according to the APA guidelines.

7. PROOF YOUR WORK: Examine your notes and the chapters we have covered. Everything we have learned thus far should be in this essay:

o Proper punctuation and grammar

o Concise and clear sentences

o Strong thesis statement

o Unified paragraphs

o Paragraph transitions

o Properly integrated support

o Title page and references page

8. Make sure your essaymeets the requested length:
You WILL be docked the percentage you are short or over.

9. When you hand in your essayto the appropriate drop box, avoid writing in the text box unless you have something important about the assignment to communicate to your instructor. An example of this would be a resubmission (an updated copy that you would like your instructor to mark instead of a previous submission) or something similar.

10. This dropbox will automatically submit your essay toTurntitin.

11. After you havesubmitted your assignment, be sure to review your likeness report inTurnitin. Do not skip this important step!

12. Make sure all parts (title page, essay, references page) are all inoneWord file.

13. Avoidusing headings, and do not include an abstract.



A. Subject Narrative: Introduce the audience to some facts of student debt and why it can’t be ignored.

B. State how the rest of the body I going to go by including the main argument that the student debt has devastating impacts on the student mentally.

C. Thesis statement: The impact of student debt due to rise in the tuition fees in college and the mental and physical toll on the students. Students need to be aware of the help they can receive from the government and the other options available to them.

D. End the paragraph with why it is urgent to find solutions to this crippling problem that plagues the youth of nations.

Subtopic 1: Why students take loans and how they feel about it

Body paragraph: The reason behind taking loans despite the cost of education being high and very few low-interest loans available.

1. Formal research: (Kuhl,2014) states that college education is expensive and students no longer consider a higher education after graduating high school. The importance of the loan is about 63% according to the research.

2. Formal research: According to (Shim,2019), the students with a higher financial self-efficiency didn’t have a problem in repaying the loans, but the students with a lower financial self-efficiency have a very difficult time in paying the loans.

Subtopic: Negative impact of student loans

Body paragraph: The real and mental impacts due to student loans on students and how the toll it has on their morale.

1. Formal research: The research conducted by (Bennett,2015) shows that the students with student debts have not only increased but also resulted in poor performance of students who are crippled with debt, and the student can only succeed if the financial stress is off their mind.

2. Formal research: (Jones, 2019) supports the main topic of the impact of student loans.

i. The study takes data about the nation rates suicides among the youth crippled by student loans to support the main topic.

ii. The study also shows how students are not aware of the consequences of the loans.

3. Formal research: (Webber, 2019) points out the risks associated with the student debt and also proposes a solution

i. The student debt can reduce by a risk-sharing strategy by financial institutions.

Subtopic: Evidence of student debt impact

Body paragraph: The evidence to support the thesis statement is explained in this paragraph.

1. Formal Research: (Walesmann, 2015) supports the main argument of the thesis by providing evidence of the impact of student debts.

i. The study uses a random sampling technique to reveal that student loan is one of the main causes of poor psychological health.

4. Formal research: (Nelson. 2008) shows the consequences of student debt and evidence of students who had credit debt

i. The students with debt indulged in substance abuse and credit card debts.

ii. The unhealthy lifestyle adds to the consequences of the student debts.


It is clear that student debt has negative consequences like psychological, mental and physical impact on the students.

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