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HOMEWORK HELP Scholarly Paper 3 Instructions The U



Scholarly Paper 3 Instructions

The U.S. Department of Justice’s organizational structure changed after 9/11/01. One section

that was added is the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division

of the Department of Justice. Combatting cybercrime has implications that concern whether law

enforcement must disregard some Constitutional rights to protect Americans. Some of these

issues concern privacy laws and electronic surveillance.

For this paper, assume you are a policy maker in Washington, D.C. Outline the problem and

propose suggestions you recommend to encourage law enforcement and lawmakers to protect

Constitutional rights of Americans while continuing to fight cybercrime.

Your paper must be at least 700-800 words in length, excluding the title and reference pages,

and must adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th

edition) writing format. If your paper does not comply with this format, you will lose points. You

may want to visit Purdue OWL for assistance with formatting your paper in APA style.

You must cite at least two scholarly references for your paper. Please be aware that websites

such as Wikipedia are not scholarly sources.



The following video (FBI and Police Rescue over 100 Children from Sex Trafficking Air Date: 07/29/2013) describes recent efforts in combating child sex trafficking. Millions of children are involved in the global sex trade every year. The sex trade is run by the demand, and it is profitable for traffickers and pimps, among others. After watching the video, please discuss your thoughts on adopting tougher laws toward the perpetrators, while decriminalizing the individuals committing prostitution. How can this be accomplished? What type of rehabilitation efforts would be helpful for the victims?

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