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Homework answers / question archive / Write 2 pages with APA style on Two Trains Running

Write 2 pages with APA style on Two Trains Running


Write 2 pages with APA style on Two Trains Running. English Two Trains Running Question The of the play two trains symbolizes about life and death and both are running always. Each and every play rides both of them. Here the author describes about the treatment that black people used to get from the white people in America during 1968. Their pain, their sufferings, and their fight back mentality for equality can be seen in the play. Everyone has the right to live his/her life with dignity and has the right to celebrate and cherish each and every moment of life.

Question 1, In the play, it has been pointed out by several men about the scars in Risa’s legs. According to Risa, she made the scars by a razor to make her legs ugly. She thinks that men will not cause any harm to her by watching her ugly legs. She must have gone through a lot of pain in her life and that might be the reason for which she had taken the decision to make her legs ugly with scars. She has done it to protect herself from the men. We as an audience cannot understand her full story or her pain in which she is going through. Author Wilson had chosen some unique traits for this character like she is soft spoken and she walks very slowly and consciously. She does not allow anyone to rule over her. From the play it can be understood that she must have gone through some powerful and tough experience which has made her like this. Wilson had chosen these traits for this character to make the audience understand about the silent and deep pain of RIsa that she is carrying always in her heart. Hambone has many scars on his whole body. On his entire chest, back and legs but Risa has scars in her legs only.

Question 2, West is a widower and he is nearly 60 years old. He has the wealthiest business in the area. He actually has a business of funeral parlor. He has a very clear and practical view about death. After the death of his wife he only wants to earn money in his life than other things. Due to his practical view about death leads Risa to call him as Mr. West. Actually Risa wants to show him respect by calling Mr. West as he is the only sharpest observer of various side of the society in the play.

Question 3, In this play death is present both literally and metaphorically. The first one is literally when Memphis saw the death of his mule in ’31. He was bound to run out of Jackson as the white people tortured him. They killed his mule and snatched away everything from him. The mule was very close to him as it used to help him in his farming. But one day white people arrived and killed it by cutting its belly and hurt it very brutally and Memphis could do nothing but to see the cruel death of his mule. The second death is metaphorical and it describes about funeral parlor business of West. He has a very clear and practical picture about death. He has gained it after his wife’s death. He is very keen and sharp observer of the society.

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