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Homework answers / question archive / Write an article on tesco company analysis Paper must be at least 2500 words

Write an article on tesco company analysis Paper must be at least 2500 words


Write an article on tesco company analysis Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The Guinness Book of World Records enrolls its name as the largest store in Europe (“Our History”, 2009).

Marks & Spencer, like TESCO, celebrates its 125 glorious years from an ordinary penny bazaar to one of the leading retailers in the UK. In 1884, Michael Marks, who was a Russian-born Polish refugee, established a stall at Leeds Kirkgate Market (“History of Marks and Spencer”, 2009). Later on a partnership with Tom Spencer, a cashier from IJ Dewhirst acquired premises and marked the transition of a new business. Both Tom and Spencer died after then (“History of Marks and Spencer”, 2009).

TESCO Plc diversified its market operations in varied products and services. Its store-types include Extra, Superstore, Metro, Express, and Store offerings include food-retail, non-food retail, petrol stations, and home-living range. TESCO Personal Finance includes Life Insurance, Pet Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Savings Accounts, Personal Loans, Secure Investment Bonds, and Online Mortgage Finder (“Major Products and Services”, 2004, p.12). Telecom services are hoping to make a definite mark in the industry. To get access to the huge customer base worldwide TESCO has been successful in selling a broad range of products via the internet through TESCO Direct (“Annual Report and Financial Statements of Tesco”, 2009).

M&S deals in clothing for men and women, entertainment and travel accessories, food and wine products, kids-wear, household goods, home-care products, air-care products, electronic equipment, insurance products, loan schemes, savings & investment products, etc. (“Yours M&S”, 2009).

TESCO values its customers. ‘Customer Question Time’ forum and online feedback panel ‘Shopper Thoughts’ help to provide important feedback from the customer base (“Annual Report and Financial Statements of Tesco”, 2009, p.32). The latest introduction of feedback technique through mobile phone, e-mail, or comment card called ‘Fizzback’ and understanding of customer choices through ‘Clubcard’ (“Annual Report and Financial&nbsp.Statements of Tesco”, 2009, p.32).

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